Long story long

We started few months ago posting photo of Tyrion Lanister from Game of Thrones. Four days after last part of final season of GOT. At that time we didn´t expect that one day we would be able to build great comunity.
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Your reactions on our work was great so we decided to continue. Later we started to shoot short videos. Today we see that first attempts was terrible but feel free to tell us your opinion.
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 First video on our InstagramSecond video on our Instagram
In spite of terrible quality your reactions was wonderful and we started to feel more confident. Camera upgrade was necessary so we bought new one. It increase quality of post a lot.
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Sneakers postBrain puzzle - Maker´s muse
When we were satisfied with quality we could start focuse on content again. We were carefuly picking models and time to time you send us some mechanisms what you would like to see presented by us. We felt strong comunity support and we were motivated to continue. We have to mentioned breaking point what was the video of V8 engine. It was like a rocket launch.
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3D pringed V8 engine
After this post few brands ask if we would be intrested in testing their filaments. We said yes because we saw we can provide new value to you. We were recieving your messages about printers, filaments and print settings before. Now we were able to test printers, different types of filaments and offer you our point of view on them. We also made 2 longer videos on Youtube. Videos like Germinator or Bag clips had great succes too. Don´t hesitate to check it on our Instagram and Youtube.


We would like to offer to you our products or products we use and we are satisfied with them.

3D World is something what we created together. 

Together we are 3D World!